New Mexico-State Map.jpg

New Mexico has been selected by Millrock as a focus area for uranium as well as base and precious metal projects for the following reasons:

  • For Uranium
    1. Significant past producer with 163,010 tons of U3O8 produced from 1948 – 1982 (New Mexico Magazine, 1983, v. 5, no. 3).
    2. Recently developed in-situ mining techniques allow for more environmental-friendly, low-cost-high-margin processing and recovery.
  • For Base and Precious Metals
    1. Large-scale deposits (i.e. Santa Rita and Chino porphyry copper deposits)
    2. Excellent potential for discovery of blind deposits
  • Established Infrastructure
  • Demonstrated potential for deposits conducive to underground bulk mining
  • Excellent access
  • Secure land tenure
  • Stable geopolitical climate
  • Stringent but practical environmental regulation