In December 2015, Millrock entered into a series of agreements to consolidate three major land packages in the “Golden Triangle” area, northeast of the town of Stewart. Through substantial effort, coordination and cooperation by the team to execute eight different agreements simultaneously with six different claim owners, royalty owners and creditors, Millrock assembled three large, cohesive mining claim blocks covering highly prospective lands in a very attractive and active exploration and mine development district – Todd Creek, Poly and Oweegee Dome.

The Golden Triangle is know as one of the world’s most prolific and best-mineralized slices of the earth’s crust. Through the acquisition of the three projects, and with the addition of a forth in June 2016, Millrock was able to assert itself as the premier generative exploration company in the district.

Following The Model

In strict keeping with the joint-venture business model, Millrock invested in early stage exploration to bring the projects to a viable state where they could be optioned to funding partners. In August 2017, following a ZTEM airborne geophysical surveys and the acquisition of historical data from the projects, Millrock announced that it had granted an an option to purchase a 100% interest (subject to a royalty provision) in the Willoughby and Oweegee Dome projects to Arcwest Exploration Inc.

Partner-Funded Exploration

Following the announcement of the partnership, Millrock began work as the exploration operator on the Willoughby and Oweegee Dome projects, thereby earning a management fee on all exploration work, with the work being funded by Arcwest Exploration Inc.

Throughout the course of late 2017 and early 2018, Millrock completed surface sampling work that indicated important new zones of mineralization at the Willoughby Project, a stream sediment sampling program and a targeted soil sampling program at Todd Creek project

In February of 2018, Millrock vended its third Golden Triangle project – the Todd Creek project – to Arcwest in exchange for shares.

The Sale

On August 9th, 2018, after 12 months of risk-free exploration, Millrock announced that it had executed a definitive agreement in which its three exploration projects in the Golden Triangle District of British Columbia - Oweegee Dome, Willoughby and Todd Creek - were sold to Arcwest Exploration Inc. (“Arcwest”, TSX-V: AWX), in exchange for shares amounting to Millrock owning 16% of Arcwest Exploration. Additionally, under the proposal, Arcwest issued shares to Seven Devils Exploration Ltd. (“SDE”) in exchange for four British Columbia projects and the Seven Devils Exploration team took over executive and technical management of Arcwest.

The intended result was a well-financed exploration company managed by an outstanding technical team that will specialize as a British Columbia Project Generator company.

The Model In Action

The transaction resulted in Millrock exploring risk-free on the project for 12 months, owning shares amounting to approximately 16% of Arcwest Exploration (TSXV:  AWX), and holding the following royalties on the projects:

Todd Creek (porphyry, VMS, epithermal, BC): 

2% (1.5% on certain portions) buyable down to 1% for $1 million.

Oweegee Dome: (porphyry, BC):

2% (1.5% on certain portions) buyable down to 1% for $1 million.

Willoughby:(high grade gold silver vein and skarn)

2% with 1% buyable to 1% for $1 million. 

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