Why Mexico?

Millrock has chosen Mexico as one of its target mineral exploration for the following reasons:

  • Excellent and proven geological potential to host major ore deposits;

  • Near-surface deposits can still be discovered;

  • Excellent infrastructure – road, rail, power, ports;

  • Secure and stable land tenure system;

  • Reasonable (though recently increased) taxation;

  • Reasonable regulation and permitting system;

  • Low cost of exploration and development;

  • Good public geological database;

  • Manageable security risk in the areas of the country we choose to work;

  • Acceptable political risk and geopolitical stability;

  • Recent mining law reforms are forcing long-held mining claims to relinquish (high work requirements after year 5);

  • Economic downturn has caused companies to abandon mining claims;

  • Great potential to generate numerous projects at low cost;

  • Strong possibilities to get earn-in partners to participate – favorably viewed jurisdiction.

We have a competitive advantage by virtue of our proprietary geological database and operational ability of our staff.